December Night Rides at Rocky Ridge

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December Night Rides at Rocky Ridge

Postby danwalko » Tue Nov 19, 2013 5:10 pm

Hey everyone...

Charge up the lights again for YAMBA's December night rides at Rocky Ridge. Since Christmas Magic is open in the evening, the park is accessible to us. Please be sure you have appropriate lights. Also please note that night riding at any other time is prohibited by the Parks. As with prior years, we will stick together as a group. If there are enough attendees, we will break up into different groups by rider ability.

The rides are already on the YAMBA calendar. The dates are:

Mon Dec 2 - 6pm
Thurs Dec 5 - NO YAMBA RIDE (Gung Ho has already scheduled a Lakes ride this day so get out and attend that one!)

Mon Dec 9 - NO RIDE - Rocky Ridge is closed for HUNTING.
Thurs Dec 12 - 6pm

Mon Dec 16 - 6pm
Thurs Dec 19 - 6pm

Mon Dec 23 - 6pm
Thurs Dec 26 - 6pm

Mon Dec 30 - 6pm
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