Trailwork Sun October 14th at Rocky Ridge 1:30PM

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Trailwork Sun October 14th at Rocky Ridge 1:30PM

Postby diggingtrail » Wed Oct 10, 2012 9:23 pm

"Downhill" build day! This trailwork will start off with walking trail 9A and then collaboratively picking out new fun, yet sustainable, lines. We will look for rock features that can be incorporated into lines, and creative water management practices will be discussed and located strategically to add sustainability as well as "flow'. If you like the steeper trails this is the trailwork for you to attend and have your suggestions heard. Note: we must still follow general Parks guidelines, i.e. no built wood structures and trail must be navigable by all all three major use groups (no mandatory drops). This means that not everything seen in the bike parks will make it to this trail, however it will still be the most downhill oriented trail in the Parks.

What: Downhill build day, trail 9A. Steep, rocks, drops, flow!
Where: Rocky Ridge
Meet: Rear parking lot under the power lines
When: Sunday Oct. 14 at 130p

I still need to gather flags off of Bipolar so if somebody could meet me at 1245 in the back lot to help that would be great.

Depending on turnout, and time spent flagging, we may start to cut the new lines. I will have the tools with me. I want this to be a group effort though for this type of trail and really want to include different opinions in flagging the lines and that is the reason for dedicating an actual trailwork day to this endeavor.
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