October snow storm damage reports

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Re: October snow storm damage reports

Postby danwalko » Sun Nov 20, 2011 7:41 pm

Hey everyone...

I just wanted to take the time to thank everyone that helped clean up the parks after the recent snow storm. The response from club members was amazing and did not go unnoticed with park users and those in charge of the York County Parks. I received the following email from Carl Fehrenbach -- a retired gentleman who is a frequent hiker at Rocky Ridge park.

"Dan, as you probably know I’ve been hiking in Rocky Ridge several times a month mapping all the trails since a year ago May. In the last few trips (with my GPS & loppers) I saw the hard work that YAMBA has done to clear the trails of the blowdowns and debris. A number of MBers both YAMBA members and others along with hikers that I spoke with were really appreciative of the job done. I’d give you a hand but I can no longer handle the physical stuff required. The Parks & Rec Dept. are fortunate to have YAMBA’s help. If YAMBA has non-riding members I’ll send a check.
Carl Fehrenbach

He CC'd Mike Fobes on his email and Mike replied with the following:
Just so you know…YAMBA has taken care of all down trees in Rocky Ridge from the previous two storms and removed a lot of down trees at Kain Park as well. Parks personnel had to focus on Christmas Magic, voting machines, 98 county bridges and the Rail Trail. Without YAMBA’s help, the trails would still be closed…because we simply cannot keep up with this type of damage. We made sure this was mentioned at the Parks Board meeting last night. Any support you can give them is great!

Michael Fobes
Manager of Natural Resources
York County Department of Parks & Recreation"

As always, this type of response is where YAMBA can really make a difference in the York County Parks. Thank you to everyone who helped!!

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