Free Trail Construction handbook and DVD`s

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Free Trail Construction handbook and DVD`s

Postby Jody » Sat Apr 02, 2011 4:51 pm

I picked up a Trail Building handbook at the Westminster Bike Swap Meet and did a little searching on-line and
found that the book and some trail building DVD`s are available free (your tax dollars) from the United States
Department of Agriculture and Forest Service.
Kevin told me to go ahead and post the information and website links on here for anybody that might be interested.
This first link shows the trail construction notebook contents: ... /index.htm
This second link is the on-line order form for the book and DVD`s: ... .htm#limit
I ordered these:
A-Building Mountain Bike Trails: Sustainable Singletrack (DVD)
B-Trail Construction and Maintenance Notebook (2007)
C-Trail Training DVD Series: DVD 1 Includes: "Handtools for Trail Work" and "An Ax to Grind." DVD 2 Includes: "Constructing Trail Switchbacks," "Basic Trail Maintenance," "Trails in Wet Areas: Turnpike and Puncheon Construction," and "Surface Water Control Techniques for Trail Maintenance."

The first DVD has the "IMBA" logo on it so they must of helped in making the dvd, it`s pretty cool.
The handbook is 165 pages.
The trail training DVD`s ,,, I haven`t looked at yet.
Looks like there`s a lot of stuff here available, these (3) looked to me like the ones that were more trailwork related.
I filled out the on-line order form on-line on a monday and the stuff was in my mailbox the following monday.

check it out, neat stuff.
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