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Ice Storm cleanup status....

PostPosted: Sun Mar 02, 2014 9:31 pm
by danwalko
I just wanted to post up a quick message about which trails have been cleared and which ones have not. If you intend to work on your own, please report back to us with damage reports and total hours of work completed. It is important that we take credit for all work done by mountain bikers to clear these trails! We can keep this post updated so as not to duplicate efforts. I will update as areas are cleared.

Rocky Ridge:
All main trails are totally clear of large trees and branches. There are still many trees hanging and somewhat loose so winds or more snow can bring down more. There are also many smaller branches frozen into the snow on the trails. When it finally melts....there will be many branches everywhere that can damage derailleurs so be careful! Please email us or post up here if any other downed trees are found.

The Lakes:
Trail 1 -- completely clean except for a large group of downed oaks right near the dam where you enter the woods. The trees are gigantic. We will get this cleared as soon as we can.

Trail 2A, B, C -- mostly cleared. Trail 2B has a large uprooted tree that took the entire trail tread with it. This will require a re-route once the snow melts and ground thaws.

Trail 3 - is a complete mess along the Lake area by the big Lake Redman sign that you can see from 83. No work has been done here.

Trail 4 - nothing has been done here. Unsure how bad the damage is.

Trail 5 - Mostly cleared from The Lake Redman parking area to the top of the hill after the bridge. Not yet cleared to the tunnel. Some of the area from Log Road heading back to the tunnel is clear. Can still use a little more work. Nothing has been done from Log Road to the Fishing Area and the trail near the Fishing area.

Airplane Hill and Copperhead - nothing has been done here. Unsure how bad the damage is.

Trail 6 and 7 - nothing has been done here either. Unsure how bad the damage is.

Re: Ice Storm cleanup status....

PostPosted: Mon Mar 03, 2014 8:08 pm
by danwalko
At the Lakes.... Please DO NOT attempt the clean up of the mass of trees on Trail 1 right by the dam. The Parks is considering some professional help for that area due to how large the trees are and since they are accessible with a machine. I will update again once I know more about their plans.

Re: Ice Storm cleanup status....

PostPosted: Sun Mar 09, 2014 7:37 pm
by danwalko
Update - Sunday, 3/9, 8:30pm....

Some of trail 4 has been cleared but more work is needed. Trail 6 is half cleared. Trail 3 from the remote control boat parking area past the Lake Redman sign is also partially cleared. We still have some major work ahead of us finishing trails 3, 4, 5 and 6. And no one has even seen trail 7 yet which we are sure is going to contain some major damage. We are meeting again Saturday, 3/15 at 9am at the boat launch to continue working. Please bring chain saws if you have one. Much of the work at the Lakes is only possible using a chain saw.

Thank you to everyone that worked on their own this weekend trying to get more of the trails cleared and open again!!