PA State Bill introduced to open Sunday hunting

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PA State Bill introduced to open Sunday hunting

Postby rmichels » Wed Jun 29, 2011 8:14 pm

I don't know how this applies to the county parks, but many of us use other PA state lands:

Mountainbikers have been avoiding conflicts with hunting activities for years, staying out of hunting areas and utilizing Sundays as our day of freedom. This may be more difficult if Rep. John Evans (R-Erie), gets his way. As majority chair of the House Game and Fish Committee, he just filed the Sunday hunting bill, HB 1760.

The commission shall institute Sunday hunting and shall promulgate appropriate regulations under section 2102 (relating to regulations) within one year of the effective date of this section. Read it all at

Previous efforts were defeated because the majority spoke out (75% of Pennsylvanians do not hunt). That is as it should be - majority rules. Representatives listened to their constituents and (for example) Rep. Bruce Smith, an avid hunter, reported that 70% of his constituents did not want Sunday Hunting - and he followed their wishes.

Mountainbikers (and birders, hikers and equestrians) must speak out if they do not want to lose Sundays for their recreation.

It's a matter of fairness. While hunters claim “an economic boost” would result from Sunday hunting, they ignore the loss to the economy that would result from the loss of Sundays for the majority - the birders, equestrians, hikers and mountainbikers who now use Sundays for their recreation.

Hunters claim that they need Sunday for hunting because of a "limited amount of time to hunt". Nonsense. EVERYONE has a “limited time” for our weekend activities - and Pennsylvania hunters are not without hunting opportunities; Pennsylvania is already first in the nation in the number of days afield hunting.

Speak out now. Find your representative at and tell him or her to reject Sunday Hunting.

One who speaks out is louder than 10,000 who remain silent.

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Re: PA State Bill introduced to open Sunday hunting

Postby finsout » Thu Jun 30, 2011 6:23 am

Meh. I have no problems with this. Hunters fees pay for state game lands so they should be able to use them on sundays. If other state lands are affected, then keep the Sunday hunting ban in those places.

A word to the wise. My opinion is that we should keep this kind of advocacy out of the forums. YAMBA does a great job of face to face advocacy for YCP. When we start getting caught up in state and national causes, it dilutes the effectiveness of the groups and leads to fragmentation.
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Re: PA State Bill introduced to open Sunday hunting

Postby crsmithpe » Thu Jun 30, 2011 10:49 am

The York Co. Parks director has stated that they intend to keep the parks No Hunting on Sundays if possible, even if the law passes. We would be preaching to the choir if we contact the Parks. However, it wouldn't hurt to make your opinions known to the legislators.
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Re: PA State Bill introduced to open Sunday hunting

Postby rmichels » Thu Jun 30, 2011 8:02 pm

I was not suggesting we contact the local parks, just if you feel strongly about the topic contact your legislators. If not, then no action is needed.
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Re: PA State Bill introduced to open Sunday hunting

Postby jpavoncello » Tue Jul 19, 2011 9:34 am

Short of closing all York County Parks to hunting period (which would never happen), the director will not be able to make his own rules if this bill passes. Hunters put billions of dollars into our economy, parks and lands. If it dollars they contribute didn't exist, we would all suffer the loss of the lands preserved among many other things. They (we) deserve the the ability to hunt every day during our limited seasons and I for one hope this bill passes.
MTB'rs and other outdoor enthusiasts have 12 months of the year they can take to the woods, hunters have just a few short weeks over the course of four months to enjoy our sport. Considering a great percentage of hunters work during the week, that allows us just a couple of DAYS that we can actually get out and hunt. And for that we contribute $9.6 Billion annually.
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