Riding At Loch Raven - 12/14/09 Meeting

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Riding At Loch Raven - 12/14/09 Meeting

Postby SusanMoury » Mon Dec 14, 2009 10:28 pm

I made the meeting at REI and here is the scoop. We had a packed warehouse of mountain bikers. At the upcoming public hearing we need about 2 x that number.

IMBA and MORE met with Baltimore City Government and the DPW.

1. The 1998 plan is what is on the books and all parties involved agree it needs to be updated. There is a group writing a new plan that will hopefully be presented at a public hearing in February. - Stay tuned and attend that meeting. At that point we may get much of the singletrack back or the laws changed. It is a delicate process.
2. There are new rangers and they are enforcing the current laws because they actually have the manpower to do so. After the meeting today they will be doing more education and less enforcement.
--- There are 11ish miles of "woods roads" that are legal to use during daylight hours.
--- Rangers will educate you if they catch you on the singletrack
--- Riding at night is illegal and they will ticket you.
--- Riding in/within 48 hours of rain and they can ticket you but may educate you first.
3. IMBA and MORE are trying to get a compromise that allows night riding and the ability to maintain/fix/and use the singletrack.
Hopefully this will be resolved in February.

Next Steps:
1. Write a Thank you note to Mayor Dixon's office, the DPW, the city council pick one or write them all. Include what using the park means to you. Why you ride LR. What you would like to see happen. What you are willing to do if we get night riding back and legal use of the singletrack, i.e., x number of hours of trailwork a year, pay an annual park fee, educate park riders to be responsible, etc.

2. Don't jeapordize their efforts over the next couple of months. This means:
--- if you do ride the single track be nice to the rangers if they educate you
--- be nice to the rangers, we will be dealing with them for a long time and don't want them reporting up about consistent bad behavior. They are enforcing
the current law. IMBA & MORE are working to change the law. When we get more of our way, the rangers will be enforcing our law.
--- be nice to the neighbors and other park users (slow down, have a nice word or a wave, speed up - consider it interval training).
--- we need the support of the community, respect the private property.
--- don't ride a night. Hopefully legal night riding will be back before Spring.

3. Join IMBA and/or MORE. IMBA's advocacy got us the meeting today. Things are trending our way in LR at the moment. Keeping the IMBA rep is important if we want things to keep trending our way. MORE will need trailwork help to get any newly legal LR trails in shape. This may mean tools, etc.

There are websites and lists, that I don't have at the moment. There is a facebook group, a gmail group, Save the raven is the name of another group. The MORE site should have links.

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Re: Riding At Loch Raven - 12/14/09 Meeting

Postby Glancing Aft » Tue Dec 15, 2009 5:16 pm

Susan, Thank You for keeping us posted! I can only hope that February's public hearing goes well!

The one thing that amazes me about this is that with every agency cutting back in Maryland due to budget cuts that the DPW was able to hire 13 new rangers this year.
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Re: Riding At Loch Raven - 12/14/09 Meeting

Postby diggingtrail » Tue Dec 15, 2009 10:01 pm

Great write up Susan. Thank you for going and doing this. I cross-posted this in the original thread about Loch Raven and added a link on the homepage as well.
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Re: Riding At Loch Raven - 12/14/09 Meeting

Postby SusanMoury » Thu Dec 17, 2009 12:04 am

You are welcome. It was pretty cool to see a HUGE number of fellow cyclists in one place. IMBA was expecting about 40. There must have been about 3-4 times that in the warehouse.

I believe the new rangers were paid for with stimulus money that was earmarked for that use.

Kevin, thanks for cross posting where appropriate. Tomorrow I'll try to find the links. It has just been too many late nights for me.

I'll try to make the Feb hearing. If I get enough notice, I'll likely be able to.

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Re: Riding At Loch Raven - 12/14/09 Meeting

Postby knobbysideup » Wed Jan 06, 2010 11:09 am

Just got another response from my original message through the IMBA form, as I'm sure many of you did as well:

January 6, 2010

Dear Citizen:

Thank you for writing me regarding mountain biking in the Loch Raven
Watershed. I have been concerned that recently there has been a change of
the enforcement policy regarding mountain biking in this area.

In response to this policy change, Councilwoman Mary Pat Clarke introduced
City Council Resolution [1]09-0173R Informational Hearing - Mountain Biking
on City Reservoir Watershed Property. This resolution was introduced to
bring together relevant City agencies and members of the mountain biking
community in order to discuss biking on Baltimore City-owned reservoir
watershed property. I believe that a hearing on this issue is an appropriate
forum to have a dialogue on how the City can allow access to recreational
opportunities in this area while at the same time preserving the quality of
the watershed.
1. http://legistar.baltimorecitycouncil.co ... /?key=4595

This Resolution has been assigned to the Community Development Subcommittee
and as of yet, no date for a hearing has been scheduled. Please visit the
Baltimore City Councilâs website at [2]www.baltimorecitycouncil.com for
scheduling updates. When a hearing date is scheduled, I strongly encourage
you to attend and testify.
2. http://www.baltimorecitycouncil.com

Should you have any additional questions, please contact my Legislative
Assistant Kimberly McConkey at (410) 396-4804 or at

Stephanie Rawlings-Blake
President, Baltimore City Council
:(){ :|:& };:
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