Mountain bike festival/ t shirt designs

Mountain bike festival/ t shirt designs

Postby Dixon » Wed Nov 25, 2009 5:00 pm

Hello everyone. I want to get some news out there to all of you. Me and my friend Nate Murray have come upon an opportunity to host a mountain bike festival. It is called mountain bike weekend. Some of you might have heard of this event. It was held for 25 years at jim thorpe. In 2005 the event stopped. Nate and I are reviving it with help of the host that ran it before Dave Bucher. It looks like it is going to be held at french creek state park. Some time late spring early summer. it will be a friday to sunday event. We will be looking for people to lead and sweep rides. Anyone who volunteers will get into the event free. Which is a $70 value. There will be more info to come. Just wanted to get the word out there.

Also, we are trying to start and cycling apparel company. It will be something like Twin Six if you know that company. They have some cool stuff. We are trying to get together 5 t shirt designs. We hope to get some jersey maybe by summer who knows. I have one design with two twist to it I will try and post. let me know what you all think of both these items.

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mountain shirt
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Re: Mountain bike festival/ t shirt designs

Postby diggingtrail » Wed Nov 25, 2009 7:35 pm

Hey Ajay, great news. I like the shirts, except for "wang chung". Design and layout is nice though. Are you going to do anything in wool? Let me know when you settle on a date and I'll see that it is added to the calendar. One suggestion, try to keep it at least a month from the Raystown festival to ensure the most attendees. Also contact PMBA if you haven't already, as I'm sure they would be a willing to help as well.
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