Rusty Chair - Is closed while under construction

Rusty Chair - Is closed while under construction

Postby diggingtrail » Mon May 03, 2010 4:10 pm

Please pass the word around. Rusty Chair is not open. Please do not ride on the trail. It is now where near ready to be open. There are sections of trail that are incomplete and should not be attempted. I have already witnessed portions of the trail being modified, in part b/c an obstacle wasn't finished or a line was not completed yet. Also the trail dead-ends and braids back to other trails are being formed. This will make the task of keeping braids closed in the future even harder and will lead to the new singletrack becoming wider and dumbed down. Do not build or modify anything on this trail on your own.

Please. please respect this closure until the trail is open. The technical features will not all be completed at the time of opening but the main trail will be rideable. This is a very ambitious project and will take time to complete. If there is a desire to ride the trail, come out to trailwork. The more people that help build the sooner Rusty Chair will be open.

Thank You
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