Photo Gallery Information

Photo Gallery Information

Postby diggingtrail » Sun Sep 20, 2009 9:43 am

The new photo gallery is up now. Login for the photo gallery is integrated with the forums. When logging into the gallery, it will send you to the forum login page, if not logged in already. After logging in it will redirect you back to the gallery. When you log into, or out of, either the photo gallery or the forums, you will also be logged in/out of the other as they are linked.

To upload photos to the photo page you must pick a gallery to upload to. To create a new album in your account, click on Create/Order My Albums in the middle navigation area. This will bring up the Album Manager. Here click New, label your album in the text area, and click the apply modifications button. You will now be able to select this new album after uploading files. You can create as many albums as you would like. Or you could upload to one of the common YAMBA galleries.

When uploading photos to the photo gallery you must resize them so that they are under 2MB. This is a limitation set by the webhost. If your files are larger in size they will not upload. A good size to chose would be to have no dimension larger than 1408px.
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